The Lophams of Norfolk

Researching the ancestry of familes from North and South Lopham in Norfolk, UK

Norfolk, England


Latitude: 52.6139686, Longitude: 0.8864020999999411


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 WRIGHT, Mary  c. 1801Norfolk, England I7404
2 WRIGHT, James  c. 1826Norfolk, England I8761
3 WRIGHT, James  c. 1791Norfolk, England I7403
4 WRIGHT, Frances  c. 1798Norfolk, England I8692
5 WRETHAM, Sarah  c. 1816Norfolk, England I853
6 WRETHAM, Edward  c. 1816Norfolk, England I852
7 WOMACK, William  c. 1776Norfolk, England I816
8 WOMACK, Thomas  c. 1831Norfolk, England I656
9 WOMACK, Thomas  c. 1801Norfolk, England I653
10 WOMACK, Sarah  c. 1811Norfolk, England I7534
11 WOMACK, Robert  c. 1816Norfolk, England I8463
12 WOMACK, Robert  c. 1811Norfolk, England I7087
13 WOMACK, Robert  c. 1786Norfolk, England I5916
14 WOMACK, John  c. 1811Norfolk, England I7318
15 WOMACK, Elizabeth  c. 1830Norfolk, England I655
16 WOMACK, Eliza  c. 1766Norfolk, England I8736
17 WHITEMAN, Anne  c. 1781Norfolk, England I2040
18 WEST, Jemima  c. 1826Norfolk, England I692
19 WATSON, Maria  c. 1771Norfolk, England I8730
20 WARNE, Jacob  c. 1786Norfolk, England I6141
21 WARD, Robert  c. 1826Norfolk, England I7173
22 VINSON, William  c. 1821Norfolk, England I8784
23 VINCENT, Charlotte  c. 1821Norfolk, England I657
24 TILLOTT, Mary  c. 1766Norfolk, England I3808
25 TILLETT, Ann  c. 1771Norfolk, England I3805
26 TAYLOR, Frances  c. 1826Norfolk, England I8760
27 STOCKINGS, Mary  c. 1761Norfolk, England I851
28 STOCKINGS, Hannah  c. 1801Norfolk, England I7082
29 STEBBINGS, Ann  c. 1796Norfolk, England I8737
30 SMEAR, Lucy  c. 1773Norfolk, England I845
31 SLAP, John  c. 1771Norfolk, England I651
32 SHELVERTON, John  c. 1776Norfolk, England I658
33 SHELVERTON, Ann  c. 1781Norfolk, England I659
34 SHAW, Josiah  c. 1837Norfolk, England I7180
35 SHAW, Elizabeth  c. 1816Norfolk, England I7188
36 SARE, Elizabeth  c. 1796Norfolk, England I7957
37 RUSSELLS, George  c. 1776Norfolk, England I7174
38 RUSH, Isaac  c. 1826Norfolk, England I8787
39 RUDDOCK, Robert  c. 1821Norfolk, England I7876
40 RUDDOCK, John  c. 1791Norfolk, England I7248
41 ROPER, Rebecca  c. 1806Norfolk, England I7319
42 ROLFE, Elizabeth  c. 1826Norfolk, England I8792
43 REVETT, William  c. 1831Norfolk, England I8764
44 REVETT, Sarah  c. 1776Norfolk, England I8766
45 REVETT, Mary  c. 1811Norfolk, England I8763
46 REVETT, James  c. 1837Norfolk, England I8765
47 REVETT, James  c.1811Norfolk, England I8762
48 REEVE, William  c. 1836Norfolk, England I8789
49 REEVE, Thomas  c. 1821Norfolk, England I838
50 REEVE, Thomas  c. 1776Norfolk, England I8793

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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Land / Horne  1 Aug 1803Norfolk, England F2160