The Lophams of Norfolk

Researching the ancestry of familes from North and South Lopham in Norfolk, UK

Norfolk, England


Latitude: 52.6139686, Longitude: 0.8864020999999411


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 ATKINS, William  c. 1826Norfolk, England I8713
2 ATOIS, William  c. 1811Norfolk, England I7172
3 BAILEY, Henry  c. 1816Norfolk, England I700
4 BAKER, Elizabeth  c. 1786Norfolk, England I43
5 BALDRY, Susan  c. 1816Norfolk, England I8705
6 BANHAM, Hannah  c. 1828Norfolk, England I670
7 BANHAM, Isaac  c. 1796Norfolk, England I666
8 BANHAM, John  c. 1821Norfolk, England I668
9 BANHAM, Lydia  c. 1801Norfolk, England I818
10 BANHAM, Pheby  c. 1796Norfolk, England I850
11 BANHAM, Robert  c. 1791Norfolk, England I849
12 BANHAM, Sophia  c. 1821Norfolk, England I669
13 BANHAM, Susan  c. 1796Norfolk, England I667
14 BARRETT, Thomas  c. 1781Norfolk, England I8709
15 BEALES, Adelaide  c. 1832Norfolk, England I7182
16 BEALES, Mary  c. 1791Norfolk, England I7495
17 BEALES, Thirza  c. 1834Norfolk, England I8735
18 BETTS, Christopher  c. 1791Norfolk, England I7109
19 BETTS, Elizabeth  c. 1796Norfolk, England I7110
20 BETTS, Thomas  c. 1831Norfolk, England I8769
21 BETTS, William  c.1836Norfolk, England I8770
22 BOWELL, Frances  c. 1821Norfolk, England I835
23 BOWELL, Levi  c. 1827Norfolk, England I836
24 BOWELL, Robert  c. 1829Norfolk, England I837
25 BOWELL, William  c. 1776Norfolk, England I5134
26 BOWEN, Eliza  c.1826Norfolk, England I687
27 BRINKLEY  c. 1841Norfolk, England I848
28 BRINKLEY, Mary  6 Jan 1804Norfolk, England I846
29 BROCK, James  c. 1811Norfolk, England I685
30 BROCK, Thomas  c. 1828Norfolk, England I8703
31 BROCK, William  c. 1811Norfolk, England I7535
32 BROWN, Ann  c. 1811Norfolk, England I8752
33 BUCKENHAM, Ann  c. 1796Norfolk, England I6557
34 BUCKENHAM, Lois  c. 1821Norfolk, England I7624
35 BUCKENHAM, Sarah  c. 1835Norfolk, England I5642
36 BURLINGHAM, John  c. 1766Norfolk, England I5587
37 BURLINGHAM, Rhoda  c. 1791Norfolk, England I61
38 BURRELL, Mary  10 Feb 1800Norfolk, England I857
39 BUSSY, John  c. 1830Norfolk, England I661
40 BUTTON, Mary  c. 1772Norfolk, England I2004
41 CALVER, Benjamin  c. 1781Norfolk, England I675
42 CALVER, Elizabeth  c. 1838Norfolk, England I702
43 CALVER, George  c.1821Norfolk, England I674
44 CALVER, Mary  c. 1837Norfolk, England I701
45 CALVER, Phoebe  c. 1816Norfolk, England I7498
46 CALVER, Susan  c. 1826Norfolk, England I676
47 CAPES, Ann  c. 1826Norfolk, England I8714
48 CAPES, Frances  c. 1806Norfolk, England I7574
49 CARMAN, Rebecca  c. 1811Norfolk, England I694
50 CARMAN, William  c. 1811Norfolk, England I693

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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Land / Horne  1 Aug 1803Norfolk, England F2160