The Lophams of Norfolk

Researching the ancestry of familes from North and South Lopham in Norfolk, UK

Norfolk, England


Latitude: 52.6139686, Longitude: 0.8864020999999411


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
51 CATTERMOLE, Ann  c. 1776Norfolk, England I8798
52 CATTERMOLE, Anna Maria  c. 1796Norfolk, England I7816
53 CATTERMOLE, Mary  c.1832Norfolk, England I8799
54 CHAMBERLAIN, George  c. 1834Norfolk, England I811
55 CHAPMAN, Benjamin  c. 1786Norfolk, England I6208
56 CHAPMAN, Mary  c.1771Norfolk, England I8773
57 CHINNERY, Elizabeth  c. 1771Norfolk, England I1919
58 CLARKE, Susan  c. 1786Norfolk, England I7298
59 COATES, Mary  c. 1816Norfolk, England I7179
60 COATES, Phebe  c. 1816Norfolk, England I663
61 COATES, Susanna  c. 1828Norfolk, England I7171
62 COATES, William  c. 1811Norfolk, England I662
63 COBB, George  c. 1781Norfolk, England I6854
64 COBB, John  c. 1801Norfolk, England I7292
65 COBB, Richard  c. 1776Norfolk, England I4459
66 COBB, Susan  c. 1771Norfolk, England I8746
67 COCK, Rhoda  c. 1786Norfolk, England I823
68 COE, Jane  c. 1840Norfolk, England I8791
69 COE, Sarah  c. 1811Norfolk, England I7187
70 DENNY, Ann  c.1771Norfolk, England I6477
71 EMMS, Jerimiah  c. 1830Norfolk, England I819
72 EMMS, John  c. 1806Norfolk, England I817
73 EMMS, John  c. 1838Norfolk, England I821
74 EMMS, Joseph  c. 1836Norfolk, England I820
75 EMMS, Thomas  c. 1826Norfolk, England I8755
76 FISK, Hagar  c. 1823Norfolk, England I7664
77 FLINT, Pleasance  c. 1836Norfolk, England I8724
78 FOX, George  c. 1791Norfolk, England I26
79 FOX, John  c. 1830Norfolk, England I8780
80 FOX, Mary  c. 1833Norfolk, England I8781
81 FOX, Sarah  c. 1796Norfolk, England I6700
82 FOX, Zack  c. 1791Norfolk, England I8747
83 FRANCES, Edward  c. 1796Norfolk, England I828
84 FRANCES, Esther  c. 1776Norfolk, England I827
85 FROST, Charles  c. 1816Norfolk, England I8672
86 GARNHAM, Elizabeth  c. 1826Norfolk, England I7183
87 GOOCH, Anne  c. 1833Norfolk, England I681
88 GOOCH, Edward  c. 1776Norfolk, England I8745
89 GOOCH, Eliza  c. 1801Norfolk, England I6451
90 GOOCH, Henry  c. 1830Norfolk, England I8786
91 GOOCH, Mary Ann  c. 1786Norfolk, England I6135
92 GOOCH, Sarah  c. 1840Norfolk, England I8741
93 GOOCH, Thomas  c. 1801Norfolk, England I5265
94 GOOCH, Thomas  c. 1828Norfolk, England I679
95 GOOCH, Thomas  c.1839Norfolk, England I684
96 GREEN, Charles  c. 1781Norfolk, England I8743
97 GREEN, John  c. 1791Norfolk, England I8796
98 GREEN, Mary  c. 1801Norfolk, England I6813
99 GREEN, Sarah  c. 1781Norfolk, England I8744
100 HARNWELL, Mary  c. 1781Norfolk, England I8774

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