The Lophams of Norfolk

Researching the ancestry of familes from North and South Lopham in Norfolk, UK

Norfolk, England


Latitude: 52.6139686, Longitude: 0.8864020999999411


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
151 LUDBROOK, Edward  c. 1786Norfolk, England I840
152 LUDBROOK, John  c. 1781Norfolk, England I42
153 LUDBROOK, Martha  c. 1826Norfolk, England I842
154 LUDBROOK, Rebecca  c. 1791Norfolk, England I841
155 LUDBROOK, Susan  c. 1826Norfolk, England I8706
156 MALLOWS, Mary  c. 1801Norfolk, England I5878
157 NOBLE, Hannah  c. 1826Norfolk, England I6566
158 NOBLE, Mary  c. 1821Norfolk, England I660
159 NOBLE, Sarah  c. 1801Norfolk, England I7102
160 NOBLE, Susan  c. 1835Norfolk, England I8733
161 NUNN, John  c. 1826Norfolk, England I7175
162 NUNN, Robert  c. 1802Norfolk, England I8734
163 PAKE, Thomas  c. 1821Norfolk, England I855
164 PAYNE, Ellis  c.1837Norfolk, England I861
165 PAYNE, Mary Ann  c. 1831Norfolk, England I858
166 PAYNE, Stephen  c. 1832Norfolk, England I859
167 PAYNE, William  c. 1806Norfolk, England I856
168 PAYNE, William  c. 1833Norfolk, England I860
169 PECK, Lydia  c. 1801Norfolk, England I6847
170 PECK, Mary  c.1826Norfolk, England I7353
171 PECK, William  c. 1826Norfolk, England I8711
172 PEVERETT, George  c. 1816Norfolk, England I8748
173 PITCHER, Ann  c. 1806Norfolk, England I8366
174 POLLARD, Emma  c. 1837Norfolk, England I8771
175 POLLARD, Sophia  c. 1816Norfolk, England I7478
176 POPE, Phillis  c. 1831Norfolk, England I8723
177 PORTER, Samuel Newson  c. 1786Norfolk, England I6995
178 PRATT, Elizabeth  c. 1819Norfolk, England I8464
179 PROCTOR, Charlotte  c. 1833Norfolk, England I8729
180 PROCTOR, Hephzebah  c. 1786Norfolk, England I6139
181 PROCTOR, Mary  c. 1806Norfolk, England I8726
182 PROCTOR, Mary  c. 1828Norfolk, England I8727
183 PROCTOR, William  c. 1796Norfolk, England I8725
184 PROCTOR, William  c. 1831Norfolk, England I8728
185 RAINER, Louisa  c. 1840Norfolk, England I7178
186 RAINER, Rebecca  c. 1821Norfolk, England I7177
187 RAINER, Robert  c. 1821Norfolk, England I8750
188 RAINER, Susan  c. 1821Norfolk, England I8751
189 RAINER, William  c. 1821Norfolk, England I7176
190 REEVE, Emily  c. 1831Norfolk, England I8788
191 REEVE, Mary  c. 1826Norfolk, England I839
192 REEVE, Rebecca  c. 1786Norfolk, England I8794
193 REEVE, Righteous  1839Norfolk, England I8790
194 REEVE, Thomas  c. 1776Norfolk, England I8793
195 REEVE, Thomas  c. 1821Norfolk, England I838
196 REEVE, William  c. 1836Norfolk, England I8789
197 REVETT, James  c.1811Norfolk, England I8762
198 REVETT, James  c. 1837Norfolk, England I8765
199 REVETT, Mary  c. 1811Norfolk, England I8763
200 REVETT, Sarah  c. 1776Norfolk, England I8766

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