The Lophams of Norfolk

Researching the ancestry of familes from North and South Lopham in Norfolk, UK

Norfolk, England


Latitude: 52.6139686, Longitude: 0.8864020999999411


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
101 HINNELS, William  1839Norfolk, England I691
102 HOGG, Sarah  c. 1811Norfolk, England I8721
103 HORNE, Abigail  c. 1811Norfolk, England I7282
104 HORNE, Eliza  c. 1816Norfolk, England I8716
105 HORNE, James  c. 1811Norfolk, England I6087
106 HOWTON, John  c. 1781Norfolk, England I8707
107 HOWTON, Mary  c. 1791Norfolk, England I8708
108 HUBBARD, Sarah  c. 1786Norfolk, England I6209
109 HUGGINS, Deborah  c. 1791Norfolk, England I7016
110 HUGGINS, George  c. 1828Norfolk, England I813
111 HUGGINS, Robert  c.1834Norfolk, England I815
112 HUGGINS, Samuel  3 Mar 1793Norfolk, England I7015
113 HUGGINS, Susan  c. 1821Norfolk, England I7615
114 HUGGINS, Walter  c. 1832Norfolk, England I814
115 HUGGINS, William  c. 1781Norfolk, England I7094
116 HUGGINS, William  c. 1816Norfolk, England I7614
117 JENNINGS, Mary  c. 1781Norfolk, England I5861
118 JENNINGS, Sarah  c.1746Norfolk, England I8795
119 JENNINGS, Saul  c. 1791Norfolk, England I8710
120 JESSUP, Betsey  c. 1837Norfolk, England I7169
121 JESSUP, George  c. 1806Norfolk, England I7167
122 JESSUP, Rebecca  c. 1816Norfolk, England I7168
123 JOLLY, Eliza  c. 1831Norfolk, England I8712
124 JOLLY, Henry  c. 1781Norfolk, England I8739
125 JOLLY, Michael  c. 1796Norfolk, England I17
126 JOLLY, Rebecca  c. 1811Norfolk, England I7462
127 KEEBLE, Charlotte  c. 1826Norfolk, England I8754
128 KEEBLE, Eliza  c. 1816Norfolk, England I8783
129 KEEBLE, James  c. 1821Norfolk, England I8782
130 KEEBLE, Mary  c. 1791Norfolk, England I7225
131 KEEBLE, Nathaniel  c. 1791Norfolk, England I6558
132 KENT, Alice  c. 1811Norfolk, England I8677
133 KENT, James  c. 1811Norfolk, England I8676
134 KENT, William  c. 1811Norfolk, England I688
135 LAND, William  c. 1816Norfolk, England I7557
136 LAND, William  c. 1821Norfolk, England I7556
137 LAURENCE, Ann  c. 1826Norfolk, England I7186
138 LAURENCE, Lucy  c. 1821Norfolk, England I7185
139 LEEDER, Harriet  c. 1801Norfolk, England I7193
140 LEGOOD, Jane  c. 1806Norfolk, England I8732
141 LINSTEAD, Mary  c. 1796Norfolk, England I7357
142 LONG, George  c. 1829Norfolk, England I8797
143 LONG, Hannah  c. 1801Norfolk, England I46
144 LONG, James  c. 1786Norfolk, England I4979
145 LOVACK, Edward  c. 1826Norfolk, England I826
146 LOVACK, John  c. 1821Norfolk, England I824
147 LOVACK, Susan  c. 1776Norfolk, England I5571
148 LOVACK, Thomas  c. 1786Norfolk, England I822
149 LOVACK, William  c. 1826Norfolk, England I825
150 LOVEDAY, Rebecca  c 1815Norfolk, England I8690

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