The Lophams of Norfolk

Researching the ancestry of familes from North and South Lopham in Norfolk, UK


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1 "A child" HASTICK, Mary (I1670)
2 "A poor girl" HALL, Elizabeth (I2170)
3 "Parents Unknown" ROLBY, Makoda (I4058)
4 (Days) of baptism and burial appear to be round the wrong way perhaps but this is how they appear on the image. SMITHSMAN, John (I2721)
5 1 year and 3 months MASON, William (I86)
6 14 years and 8 months FISK, Ann (I84)
7 1713, 11 June, the Rev. Mr. Robert Hall, A. M. on Slipper's death, presented by Thomas Duke of Norfolk, who some time after sold the patronage to Dr. Hill, who hath obliged his heirs for ever, to present a fellow of St. John's College in Cambridge. Sir Rowland Hill is now [1736] patron, and Mr. Hall aforesaid is incumbent, who hath published a volume of Sermons, and another of Catechistical Lectures, in 8vo. and a Sermon on the Peace. HALL, Robert (I6888)
8 3 years and 6 months LAND, Ann (I89)
9 7 Years and 8 Months READ, Mary (I88)
10 8 years and 5 months RUDDOCK, Mercy Miranda (I85)
11 according to burial entry he was "65 upwards" BUCK, William (I5402)
12 According to his burial entry he was "65 upwards" MADGET, Samuel (I5403)
13 Also an entry in Archdeacon Transcripts saying burial date was 18 March 1769. I am not sure if this is the same person but the only other Lydia Baker was married to a John Baker BAKER, Lydia (I896)
14 Also appears on the North Lopham Register  BUGG, John Lovack (I5224)
15 Also baptised on 07 June 1767
NOBLE, Susanna (I3285)
16 Also baptised on 10 Jun 1787
GARNHAM, Anne (I3716)
17 Also entry in Bishop Transcript for 27 January 1803
CALVER, Mary (I5615)
18 Also entry in Bishop Transcript for 27 January 1803
CALVER, John (I5781)
19 Amy - wife of John Leader
Late Amy Steward, Spinster Aged 80 years 
STEWARD, Amy (I1827)
20 Ann Blowers was a widow at time of marriage. Thomas Pagnall (Batchelor) Family F1000
21 Anna Witham (widow) Family F688
22 Another baptism entry for her on 25 May 1834
SHAW, Ann (I7301)
23 Another entry on 12 July 1829
RUSH, William (I8155)
24 Appears to be a lodger in household of Thomas Barrett PECK, William (I8711)
25 Archdeacon Transcripts give baptism date as 05 June 1770
SAUNDERS, Mary (I3120)
26 Archdeacon Transcripts gives date of marriage as 27 November 1760 so Banns were probably read 1 Oct 1760
Family F979
27 Bachelor
REEVE, Henry (I3080)
28 Bachelor
BROOK, Robert (I2841)
29 Bachelor
PEARCE, James (I3883)
30 Bachelor
NORTON, James (I1923)
31 Bachelor
FULLER, John (I3154)
32 Bachelor FISHER, Francis (I3901)
33 Bachelor CHURCHYARD, Robert (I3104)
34 Bachelor FISK, John (I1568)
35 Bachelor PULFER, Thomas (I4779)
36 Bachelor GATHERCOLE, Thomas (I5939)
37 Bachelor CATTERMOLE, Robert (I5941)
38 Bachelor GOOCH, Edmund (I6105)
39 Bachelor SARE, William (I6128)
40 Bachelor PALMER, John (I2482)
41 Bachelor ELLENOR, Robert (I7204)
42 Bachelor SYER, William (I7205)
43 Bachelor/Spinster Family F1001
44 Bachelor/Spinster Family F1023
45 Banns 9th May 1754 Family F208
46 Baptised again 14 January 1808 in North Lopham

WOMACK, Robert (I5316)
47 Baptised again on 25 June 1780 in North Lopham PROCTOR, Charlotte (I3239)
48 Baptised again on 25 June 1780 in North Lopham PROCTOR, Susanna (I3291)
49 Baptism entry says 1730 but I believe this is an error and it should be 1740 (see burial) COCK, Mary (I770)
50 Batley is not her maiden name. She was married to Samuel Batley and then married James Nicholls BATLEY, Martha (I6354)

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